How To Fix PUBG Mobile Graphics Issues & 90FPS on Galaxy Tab S7/S7+


PUBG Mobile is the favorite game of many users currently and Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+ have not being able to do justice to this amazing game due to bad software optimizations.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+ are one amongst the best tablets in market currently. Samsung has put in lots of efforts to make the software relevant and with features like Dex, Multi Window and promise of software updates for upto 3years, Samsung has left nothing to chance.

But even after their best of efforts their game optimisation service does nothing but ruins the game graphics and resolution, so in this detailed how to we will enable you to unleash true potential of your Galaxy Tab S7.

PUBG Mobile looks horrible with pixelated graphics and drop in framerate even with Snapdragon 865 and 865+ powered Tab S7 and S7+.

Luckily there is a fix for enhancing your gaming performance and this guide mainly focuses on PUBG Mobile.

Step by Step Guide to Enhance PUBG Mobile performance and graphics.

  • Download an Alliance Shield X app from Play Store.
  • Sign up for a free account, sign in in the app and give necessary device administrator and KNOX permission to the app.
  • Next open app manager in Alliance Shield X and tap on search icon on top right corner.
    PUBG Mobile Alliance Shield X
  • Type Game in search bar and then select all three app one by one and disable them. Once disabled they will be highlighted in red strip.

  • In main menu of Alliance Shield X tap on Shield icon to turn it on.
  • Congratulations your gaming performance and graphics has been increased.

Also this method of disabling game optimisation service and game launcher in Samsung devices will fix various graphic issues in games like Call of Duty, Genshin Impact, League of Legends, etc.

You can also use the Alliance Shield X app to disable other in built system apps like Bixby, Samsung Internet, etc which are of no use.

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Also you can render the game at 2K or 1080p for even sharper graphics and to enable 90FPS refresh rate across all graphic setting.

Step by Step Guide to Enable 2k, 1080p and default resolution with 90FPS support on Galaxy Tab S7 and Tab S7+

  • Download the settings file by clicking here.
  • Extract the file and copy the desired setting of either 1440p, 1080p or default resolution setting file to
    Global Version: Android > Data>  com.tencent.ig> files> UE4Game> ShadowTrackerExtra> ShadowTrackerExtra> Config
    Korean version: Android> Data> com.pubg.krmobile> files> UE4Game> ShadowTrackerExtra> ShadowTrackerExtra> Config
  • If there is no Config folder don’t worry just create one and the copythe file inside that folder.
  • Voila. Now open PUBG Mobile and take advantage of the 90fps display of your Galaxy Tab S7.

Note: There is no risk of ban as you are not changing anything major using this custom settings. Also in case you want to remove all the changes then just delete the config file you pasted using the above guide.

In this tutorial we helped you out to fix following issues:

  • How to enable 90FPS in PUBG Mobile Galaxy TAB S7
  • How to enable 90FPS in PUBG Mobile Galaxy TAB S7+
  • How to disable game optimizing service and game launcher Galaxy Tab S7
  • How to disable game optimizing service and game launcher Galaxy Tab S7+
  • How to boost Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+ Gaming performance

In case you face any other issue do leave a comment down below and I will try to help you out, and if you liked the article please share this with your friends.

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